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5 Tips for Sticking to your New Year’s Yoga Resolution!

Yoga New Year resolution

5 Steps for Sticking to your New Year’s Yoga Resolution!

Yoga.New Years resolution

For those of you who have decided to take up yoga as your new year’s resolution, the I-SPY team have come up with some useful tips to help you!


Warm Up

It’s been a long Christmas and we know for a fact that many boxes of Celebrations were consumed as you sat comfortably sunken into the sofa. With that said, make sure to prepare your body before every yoga class. If you take a class, I will guide you through a warm-up exercise to prepare you and set you up for an intense yoga session. By warming up your body you wake up all your muscles from their deep Christmas sleep. Once you’ve woken up the muscles you’ve never heard of or even used before you will be ready to gain the most out of your yoga class.


 Yoga New Year resolution
Yoga New Year resolution

Three words can be used to sum up consistency, Don’t Give Up! Simple as that. The barrier of consistency is one of the hardest you will face when taking up any New Year’s Resolution. To break down this barrier you must think strategically. Dedicate one hour every week at the same time for your yoga class. No matter what happens in your life (apart from the obvious exceptions), stick to your dedicated time! Consistency will then become a habit for you! Overcoming the barrier of consistency will help you strengthen your willpower and self-belief.

Achievable Goals :

Yoga new years

Set mini goals that you know you can achieve. Big goals can often lead to ambiguity and uncertainty. By choosing smaller and more attainable goals, you will not lose your focus. As you probably have guessed, there are many yoga positions. These positions and poses test your body’s strength and endurance levels. Start off by learning one pose at a time. In my class, I will take you through the basics of every yoga pose. Take each element of the pose as a goal. Once you have achieved all the basic goals, the goal of perfecting the entire yoga pose will be more achievable for you.

Be Patient :

new-year- yoga resoulation-no-1

Yoga takes time and patience. As the old saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. This is very true when it comes to your ability to perfect yoga. Set yourself up for the long journey when you choose yoga as a New Year’s Resolution. If you are impatient and unfocused you will not benefit from the full potential of your yoga class. So, relax and give your body as much time as it needs to develop and improve from yoga. All human beings come in different shapes and sizes. Each person’s body will react differently in the beginning. One person’s body will say “Ah yes! This is the perfect exercise for me” while someone else’s body will say “Jaaaaysus, what are you doing to me?!”. Regardless of your body type, tell it to be patient and the benefits will shine!  

Choose the Right Clothing!




Before you begin your yoga classes, it is very important that you come prepared with the right clothing. It’s very easy to use a hand-me-down T-shirt and a cheap pair of leggings or an old pair of shorts from your underage GAA years. However, you will find out very quickly that these tactics just don’t work. The smart and wise person will obtain the right standard and quality of yoga clothing before they begin their classes. Proper yoga clothing is well-fitted, flexible, comfortable and non-see through. Our I-SPY brand of yoga clothing provides all these needs with the additional value of being beautifully stylish and of top quality! Make sure you choose the right clothing before you begin your yoga classes. Because when you’re doing the Half Moon yoga pose, we don’t want you to Full Moon your classmates!


Best of luck with your New Year’s Resolutions!


The I-SPY Team



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