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Loyalty Programme

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I-SPY Clothing
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Loyalty Programme

  • 100 Platinum Points are worth €1
  • Earn 500 Platinum Points for signing up to our Rewards Programme & Newsletter
  • Spend €1 in our store and earn 4 Platinum Points
  • Earn more Platinum points as you get higher up our Levels (See below for more)
  • Refer a friend and earn 500 Platinum Points after their first order
  • Earn 100 points if your referred friend  sets up an account
  • Review one of our products and earn 300 Platinum Points
Sign up below to join our Loyalty Programme & start earning Platinum Points!

This is this is the I-SPY Loyalty Programme. It’s our way of thanking you for being part of our incredible journey. Our Loyalty Programme is designed to let our wonderful customers buy  our products at a discounted price.

Platinum Points can be redeemed directly on during your purchase. The option to redeem your Platinum Points is available on the cart page, just before checkout. You can pay up to 100% of your order with your Platinum Points.

Please check our list of rules for loads of great ways that you can earn more Platinum Points!

We like to reward you based on the amount of orders that you have. So the more orders that you have, the more Points that you can earn with each purchase.

The levels are as follows:

Level 0: Just Getting Started

Everybody starts out at this level, this is your level before you have made any purchases. You will earn 4 Platinum Points for each €1 spent on your first order.

Level 1: Welcome to the Team

This is your level after you have placed one order. At this level you will earn 5 Platinum Points for each €1 spent on your next order.

Level 2: Loyalty Pays Off

After placing two orders you will progress to this level, where you will earn 6 Platinum Points for each €1 spent on your next order.

Level 3: MVP

After placing three orders you will be a MVP on our team, meaning that you’ll earn 7 Platinum Points for every €1 spent on your next order!

Level 4: Lifelong Member

Finally, the highest level that you can reach is Level 4, where we think of you as a lifelong member of our team! To truly celebrate your loyalty, we’ll give you  8 Platinum Points for each €1 spent on any future orders! This means that you’ll be earning double points from when you first signed up!

You can check how many points I have in the ‘My Account’ Page. You can access this by clicking the link at the very bottom of the page.

I-SPY Clothing
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